In 2022, the boss visited clients in Oman, Middle East

In 2022, the boss visited clients in Oman, Middle East

2023-05-13 02:29


In 2022, with the continuous development of the global economy, more and more enterprises are expanding into the international market to seek more business opportunities. In this context, the boss went to Oman, Middle East to visit customers, understand the sales situation of the product in the local area, and provided a process improvement plan according to customer requirements, ultimately winning high praise from the customers. This article will explore this matter.

Understand local market demand

It is very important to understand the local market demand and cultural background before entering a new market. Before going to Oman in the Middle East, the boss conducted extensive market research and cultural learning to understand the consumption habits, business culture, religious beliefs, and other aspects of the local people. Through this understanding, the boss was able to better understand the needs of the local market and provide more precise strategies and solutions for product sales and promotion.

Provide a process improvement plan

During communication with customers, the boss learned about some of their dissatisfaction with the product, mainly in terms of supply and after-sales service. In order to improve these issues, the boss provided a detailed process improvement plan, including measures such as increasing personnel and investment in supply and after-sales service, improving service quality and time efficiency. The customer is very satisfied with these improvement plans and expresses their willingness to establish long-term cooperative relationships with the enterprise.

Winning customer reviews

By understanding the local market demand and providing process improvement plans, the boss has won high praise from customers. The customer stated that the company is able to fully understand the local market demand and provide practical solutions

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